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  • Elvie❤️ Lins

    Elvie❤️ Lins

    🏝3x Travel top writer, 📸2X Photography top writer. I write about Travel, Life, Health and Photography topic. Thank you for connecting with me🙏

  • Mustafa Pekcandanoğlu

    Mustafa Pekcandanoğlu

    I am an academic researcher&writer.

  • Orestis Spanos

    Orestis Spanos

    I’m an upcoming dentist. I love writing about the psychology of confidence. I also enjoy approaching life in a philosophical but still logical way.

  • TK Mullins

    TK Mullins

    An aspiring author getting a late start. I’ve walked around for years with stories dancing in my head. Time to get them down on paper.

  • Anna Maya

    Anna Maya

    Writer, relationship, movie lover, friends fun

  • Lowell Hill

    Lowell Hill

    Living an innovative life to the fullest

  • Dylan Lief

    Dylan Lief

    I want to make some money so I can travel the world. Here’s my latest book: https://amzn.to/2WaazHC

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