An iconic image of U.S. troops and helicopters during controversial, divisive Vietnam War (Photo: The Atlantic)

by Joe Buff, MS, FSA

Until the seemingly endless “GWOT (Global War on Terror)” cum “overseas contingencies operations” cum “Forever Wars,” it was America’s longest war — Vietnam. It ended in 1975 with a whimper for our side, not a bang. Anyone under 44 now wasn’t even born back then…

A US Navy nuclear-deterrence sub (US Navy photo)

by Joe Buff, MS, FSA

America is not well served by a myth abroad in the land. This myth may or may have not originated with hostile foreign info-war operatives, but they’re sure exploiting it in their nefarious stoking of America’s raging domestic anti-nukes debate. The durable home-front anti-nukes sentiment…

Anti-nuclear malign influence campaigns predate the Internet!

by Joe Buff, MS, FSA

Both domestic naysayers and foreign influence campaigners just love to confuse and frighten us. Stoking up these destructive emotions has been a recognized tool for manipulation since the dawn of organized enemy propaganda during Biblical times. And yes, in the modern era with its Internet-enabled…

Russian land-mobile ICBM launchers on parade.

By Joe Buff, MS, FSA

Should the U.S. add land-based mobile ICBMs to its Nuclear Deterrence Triad, or use them instead of fixed-silo nukes? The short answer is no. Such weapon systems were considered during the First Cold War, as one way to make American ICBMs more survivable — by…

President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia (Photo: US Military Academy)

by Joe Buff, MS, FSA

The Pentagon recently recognized that the United States is in a “new cold war” with China and Russia. This realization/admission by our national defense officialdom was a gradual process, as was the gearing up by the various participating “near-peer competitor states” involved in the conflict…

Joe Buff

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